About Mitros City


Occupying a strategic location at the edge of metropolitan Lagos and yet rooted in the rural landscape and character of Ogun State, Mitros City represents a unique and exciting development opportunity.

As a gateway to Nigeria’s ‘Gateway State’, aspirations for Mitros City are high and the unifying ambition is to create an exemplar development that will maximise the value of the site, establish a unique sense of place and provide contemporary homes, services and facilities.

A fully integrated city district, Mitros City will provide a broad range of land-uses, residential accommodation of varying typologies and a hierarchy of open spaces of varying size and function.

The key components of new development at Mitros City include;

  • Central business district (CBD)
  • Strip of commercial units addressing the Lagos to Ibadan Expressway
  • Provision of industrial units along a section of the Expressway.
  • Waterfront shopping mall with retail, commercial and hospitality facilities
  • Central Boulevard connecting the CBD and the shopping complex
  • Golf course surrounded by a mix of leisure, hospitality, retail and exclusive residential accommodation.
  • Riverside Park, incorporating leisure and recreational activities
  • Series of local centres located at regular walking distances.
  • Community facilities, including parks, education, health, civil defence and religious accommodation.
  • Varied mix of residential accommodation including;
    • high density apartments
    • medium density apartments
    • villas
  • Multi-modal transport strategy
  • Structural landscape framework

Each of these elements will be connected by a multi- modal transport network as the basis for the creation of a contemporary and sustainable new development; socially, economically and environmentally.