Who we are

Technology is nothing if it does not solve present day challenges, if it doesn’t provide a simpler way to manage things, and if it is not more cost effective, all these especially on the long term and in the broad sense – except it addresses these issues, it’s nothing but a toy.

At MakarioWorks we implement technologies that give greater meaning (potential and productivity) to your business or organisation.

From web design and development to creatives and ICT projects, we’re the right solution to your information and communication technology needs.

We are a full-fledged multimedia and project management firm, an aggregate of vibrant professionals up-to-date with working (relevant) technologies in our field.

We make our clients’ concerns our concerns too on the job, and so our approach is Client-centric.

Our mission is to give full expression in terms of solutions to our clients while we work together to achieve this.

Our vision is to be the leading IT consulting firm supporting businesses within in the continent and beyond