Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create. When we look at teams – at work, in church, in sports…everywhere – we see that we are gifted differently. Either because of our genes, temperament, upbringing or experiences, we tend to have a higher or lower degree of a set of skills and abilities than others.

So, some research from Department of Neurology and Neuroscience at Cornell University, studying the brain of artists, musicians and the likes suggested that there was a pattern of smaller part of the brain (corpus callosum) than the average.

This pattern may have augmented their creativity by improving specialisation abilities on each side of the brain. So, it appears that this helped boost two aspects crucial to creativity: divergent thinking and generating a lot of associations – having to do with the plasticity of the brain.

But what of the rest of us?

Okay, all hope is not lost! Regardless of the current state of your brain and how ‘unfortunate’ you might have been with genes, you can improve your creativity and creative thinking by doing the following:

  1. Practice (with puzzles and the likes) ways to think about something in different ways
  2. Listen to music, especially classical, like Mozart
  3. Take a walk – leave your usual habitat
  4. Be around colours blue and green
  5. Take a nap (between 1pm and 3pm, yeah, we know you’ll be at work! But research says it helps…tread with caution though 🙂 )
  6. Learn from (many) others
  7. Keep an idea or creativity journal

We’ve run out of ink, or rather canvas. Cheers to you improved creativity!

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