Beating COVID-19 Together

We hope you and your family are safe and in the best of health during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

We hope you are adhering to the preventive advice by WHO and NCDC, summarily:

1. Wash your hands frequently with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds

2. Practice social distancing (2 metres)

3. Stay at home; only go out for food and essential services like to get medicine or medical care

4. Call NCDC (Twitter: @NCDCgov, Website: http://www.ncdc.gov.ng/, 0800 970000 10 (Toll-Free Call Centre)) in case you find yourself or loved ones exhibiting any of the symptoms (Dry cough, temperature above 37 degrees celcius, Difficulty in breathing)

We hope and pray that we’ll all come out of this whole, hail and hearty

Boost your Work Productivity! Come out Better!!
This period also gives your organisation and business the opportunity to strengthen working remotely and generally. If you play your cards right, your business will be even more effective post-COVID-19. Here are a few tips you could try (We’ll share more details in the coming weeks).

1. Have a general plan 
Figure out what you can achieve within this period and in what areas. Depending on whether your business requires physical presence or moving around to facilitate or complete, there may be limitations in completing tasks, but one thing you can do is PLAN! So, figure out what you can accomplish in this period as an organisation or a team. eg. Everyone is required to read a relevant book (technical, business development, customer service, marketing, etc) and share with the rest of the team over chat (Whatsapp…with video if you’re not more than 4) or over Audio/Video/Chat (like Zoom or Skype or Microsoft Teams)

2. Encourage your team members to take online courses
There are free and paid (discounted) online courses that can be taken in this period that will boost productivity now and when you eventually reconvene physically

3. Critically assess your processes and get feedback to make adjustments
This is also a great time to ask for feedback (maybe a Google questionnaire) from your employees and your customers on how you can make adjustments to improve your business processes and to serve them better respectively. Then you can analyse and start making those adjustments almost immediately. Some examples are rebranding, using new productivity tools, having a better CRM plan, taking your social media presence serious and more.

4. Look for opportunities in this period
Many people are allowing the lockdown, lock down their minds and businesses. Don’t give in. Ask yourself what you can still do virtually as a business to either get you some income or create inflow when we resume. Be innovative, think of a (virtual) product or an offering that could still have you earning, working from home.

5. Check on your team mates
Different people are affected by this lockdown in various ways, physical, mental and financial health issues. This is the opportunity to genuinely care and reach out to see that everyone is doing okay and providing a little emotional and other assistance. Love almost always boosts commitment.

See you on the other side of COVID-19. Stay safe, we care!

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